Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Check out our pumpkin art:

As you can see, Jon opted for a blood-thirsty "roadkill" pumpkin that has a taste for cute teddy bears...I chose Charlie Brown in honor of Jon's favorite cartoonist, Charles Schulz. Here's Chuck's inspiration for my pumpkin (a little tough to see, but you get the idea):

We had a ball carving these up at our friend Lorrie's house for her annual October pumpkin carving. When Lorrie and I were roommates in Albuquerque many moons ago (about 12 years, to be exact) I was among the first inductees into this, her annual festival. Some of the same people who were there on that inaugural night joined us again at this 12th annual fest.
Here's the gorgeous invitation Lorrie created for this year's party (she's quite an artist):

Since we'll be spending Halloween sanding and priming walls in preparation of applying American Clay in our living room this weekend, we really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with friends for this annual Fall ritual. Thanks Lorrie!


Martin said...

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! You are the "charlie browniest" of them all!

Tarzons said...

How exciting it must have been for Lorrie to sand and prep your walls! Can I come next time?? :-) VOTE OBAMA!!! Hey, are you two still able to vote in CA? Get out here and vote NO ON 8!!!!! Lorrie, I am so sorry they roped you into sanding and prepping.

Jonathan, Jennifer, Christian and Bella Lucero said...

Love Lorrie's invite artwork! She really must do a blog like the rest of us!

Can't wait to see the walls! We're pondering a trip to the 505 next month! :)