Monday, October 20, 2008

Introducing Watson

This weekend we introduced a new addition to our home, Watson the cat. Watson persistently stalked my parents' house in Albuquerque for a couple days by clinging to their screen doors and wailing, etc., until they couldn't resist taking him in (and they are NOT cat people). Being a Maine Coon kitten (the most dog-like breed in the cat world), he was simply irresistable, and my dad even let him sleep next to his head (unheard of in the past--Dad was actually anti-cat until we moved back to New Mexico and he got to know Maximus and Alma, our original two cats).

While we had no intention of adopting another cat, my mom and dad simply couldn't take care of him in their older years (along with their dog, Beau), so we attempted to take him to a pet shelter but he charmed us into keeping him. We had him neutered and checked out at the vet Friday, and he's still full of piss and vinegar, as the saying goes.... He's definitely keeping our other cats busy and us continually amused (and bemused).

We named him Watson after Jon suggested the name for his love of Sherlock Holmes literature, and a neighbor who came to visit for coffee the next morning suggested the same name (random!). Seems the name was meant to be. It's nice having a kitten in the house to liven things up a bit--our two older cats had trained us into a quiet, slow routine, but Watson keeps us on our toes at all times.

Welcome kitty!


Karen said...

My oh my, we leave for a few weeks and you add one to the family! What else will change in the next six months? Well, we look forward to meeting Watson upon our return.
By the way, Jerry has a nice little photo of the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London. Thinking of you....

The Joffes said...

TOO cute! Love the name. We must come meet the little bugger!

Jonathan, Jennifer, Christian and Bella Lucero said...

Your dream came true ... a new baby! :) Enjoy the lil' guy!