Friday, October 17, 2008

On the Road Again...

Today is the first day of my new position at work. I'll now be a senior manager in field marketing. What does that mean? I'm still not completely sure, but I know that last week was a mountain of work in preparation for the new, and closing out the old. I can tell I'm stressed by the knots in my shoulders...Calgon?

Apparently I will be traveling LESS in this new position; however, next week will be a long trip as I fly to San Francisco Wednesday morning to meet my new manager and team, then turn around and fly straight to NYC Saturday morning to meet clients before filming them in a "town hall" style webcast on Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction industry. Huh?!? If you want to learn more, watch a similar webcast I helped with a couple weeks ago in a Scottsdale, AZ, studio.

I'm looking forward to this new role: it will be a new challenge in a different area of marketing than I'm used to. For most of my 12-year marketing careeer, I've been involved in writing and creating messaging or "spin"; in this role, I'll be responsible for launching campaigns and measuring their performance by how much response they receive, or more specifically, how many deals we close with each campaign. I hope I'm up for the challenge!


The Joffes said...

Big congrats to you! And best of luck with the new job. I am sure you will be fabulous! And less traveling ... yay!! I'm sure Watson will approve of that :)

Jonathan, Jennifer, Christian and Bella Lucero said...

Whatta woman! We're so proud of - and impressed with - you!


We love you!

When, Jonathan, Christian and Bella, too!

Tarzons said...

I don't know if I congratulate dyou on FB yet but I will here....Congrats!!!! The shoulder thing....make sure to take a moment ever hour or two and just relax your shoulders. Concentrate on your shoulde muscles relaxing. Think about your most relaing moment ever. Hang your head, slowly roll around, allow your neck to stretch. When you wake up in the morning, espcially if the day before was more stressful, slowly move your head and neck as you begin to think about getting up. Once you sit up, give your neck a nice stretch. When you get home each night, have a cosmo and jump Jon.