Tuesday, November 11, 2008

American Clay

In an attempt to make our home cozier and add some color and texture (and to prepare for family coming for Thanksgiving!), we embarked on an American Clay adventure.

American Clay is a durable, all-natural clay wall covering that comes in several different clay-based pigments. We chose it because it looks so rich and claims that it further insulates your house and improves the value of your home. We started with the living room in Osage (a light, earthy, grey-green sage) and discovered how much time and effort it truly takes two rookies to finish a room (three coats including a layer of sand primer, then compressing every square inch with a wet sponge...). We chose to do it ourselves because the contractor quotes were outrageous, and it's fun to have a project like this to do together (or in Jon's case, maybe a little trying...teehee). So much for finishing all of our main rooms before Thanksgiving! But at least we'll have a nice living room.

Below are some pics of the work in progress. When wet, the clay is 10x darker than the color intended, and it dries mottled. Once completely dry (1 day), it takes on its intended color. We'll post more pics once the room is finished (hopefully next week!).

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Redcoates said...

So how are you going to reproduce the multi-colored paint squares on the dining room walls?