Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're published! And we're hipsters!

Today marks the inaugural article in a many-part series that Jon is writing for Matter John Gartner, a good friend of Val's from San Francisco (who now lives in Portland, OR, with his wife Guacira and son Dylan by way of a stint on the East Coast) is the site's publisher and took an interest in our blog, so he proposed that we write for his new web site about sustainability for the everyman. If you've never visited the site, it's chock full of great articles and practical information without greenwashing you to death.

I find it funny that the editor chose to call us "hipsters". No offense to Jon, but we must be the nerdiest hipsters I've ever seen. When I hear that word, I think of Posh and Becks, or 20-somethings droning about like zombies with their jeans halfway down their bootys and their iPod headphones permanently connected to their ears. But, it's kind of a cool label to carry. It's way better than "Gen Ex-ers" or "farm geeks".

Thanks for publishing the story of our lives, John G!

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Jennifer said...

Bravo ... bravo, Mr. Ashe! A well-written and interesting piece! I especially liked your final thought:

"This is why we moved from San Francisco to Bosque Farms: To learn how to sustain ourselves and build a community, regardless of the outcome. Fulfillment is what we’re digging for in the dirt."