Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Tiller Time!

Last Friday, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by plowing, tilling, and flooding the "back forty". Originally, we had plans to steal away and see IJ4 followed by dinner at a local French restaurant to celebrate, but hey, ya know, we're like farmers now, and Indiana Jones can wait. Field duties unexpectedly took over.
It was the only day our neighbor Lee could spare his time and his tractor to plow and till our field, and it was the first time our land had been touched in more than 12 years, so you could imagine our excitement when the plow broke ground.

When Lee finished his tractor work, our eager neighbor Richard came over with his four-wheeler and jerry-rigged an old gate to the back to drag over the ground once Jon and I had broadcasted some sweet clover seed (for ground cover, to nourish the soil in prep to plant crops next spring). Jon and Richard were like two boys with their G.I. Joe action figures--it was even fun to watch them at work.

When Richard went home, we were fortunate to have water in the acequia so Jon opened the gates to flood the field and water the seed. Now, we wait and watch....

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Jennifer said...

Great work! I'm amazed at how well the both of you are transitioning into farmers. And I'm also amazed at the process of farming. Imagine how long (in generations) it took to know that flooding land, tilling, and planting clover one year in advance will prepare the land to plant crops. Again, good job!

Mr. Cranberry