Monday, June 30, 2008

Maintenance Post

Not much new to report these's hot here, but things are growing. Jon has a few flowers on the tomato and pepper plants in his experimental "bedouin tent" out back. The plants have withstood several days of strong winds and a heavy rain yesterday, so it looks like the tent saved them. Mostly, it was an experiment to see how natural windbreaks and shade might help the plants along, so we can plan where to plant trees and shrubs around the farm property accordingly.

Autodesk has given us the week off, but some of our plans fell through. So, just hanging around the homestead, maybe a road trip or two. It's kinda nice not having any plans.

Happy 4th!


Tim said...

I just stumbled across your blog while looking up what variety of cherry trees grow best in the Cerrillos/Madrid area. Anyway.....great stuff........enjoy the food articles and esp. the farming articles. Am curious about you two.....have you thought to post a bio on your did you get to ABQ. Why did you persue being urban agricultralists?

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your compliments. We are just ordinary folks that decided to leave the comforts of urban living and give the rural life (farming, reconnection with community, etc.) a try. My wife and I talked about this move for a long time and, through our chatter, found a lot of other folks with the same aspirations. Only, our fantasy has become a reality. We are sharing what we learn along the way through the Matter Network ( and hope to be a bridge for folks like us that want to be a part of something bigger than a cubicle. If for nothing else, we hope to provide laughs at the many mistakes we are bound to make.

My wife is from the Albuquerque area and was a big factor in deciding on New Mexico over 3-4 other areas in the country. We appreciate New Mexico, the land, our new friends, and feel very lucky to be here.

Regarding the cherry trees; if you haven't already, a good place to start is through the NMSU extension services. You can speak to a county specialist regarding the variety of cherry trees. Please visit the Santa Fe County extension website for contact numbers:

My guess is that your cold/delayed springs will interfere with the spring blooming cherry tree. But please remember, I am learning all this as I go along and it would be best to consult an expert.

Good luck,