Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wacky Weed

Val loved this cartoon growing up: Andy Panda brings home a gorgeous flower and plants it, only to be menaced by one wacky weed. The sequence below is often how we feel these days: spring in New Mexico is gorgeous and budding green, but much of it is weeds. We spent the past month uprooting weeds from the flower bed in our courtyard, and they're still popping up. Wacky....

Stills courtesy of Walter Lantz Productions, 1946


Jennifer said...

I hear ya! We've now been in our house for three years and the weeds are worse than last year ... ALREADY.

I think the landscaper our builder hired put some kind of weed mixture in the dirt or something. I was noticing everybody on the block has these green weeds peeking out from their entire lawn.

I have no idea how to control them.

We wish you - and ourselves - lots of luck this year!



Scott said...

Thanks for posting the Wacky Weed pics.