Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Visitors from Atlanta

Last weekend, we hosted friends from Atlanta who haven't been to New Mexico in years, and had only visited for work. Val and Cathi work together, so it was a great opportunity to work in the same office for a day--before hitting the spa, shops, great food, and more!

We learned a lot from our Southern Belle visitors, and were even gifted with new Southern names: Cathi "Sue" and Amy "Jo" decided that our names are now Valerie Mae and Jon-Bob. Same for our cats: Alma Mae and Max-Bob. The weekend quickly began to sound like an episode of The Waltons....

We all had a great time, particularly Cathi and Amy, who enjoyed their first cranial sacral treatments at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort. If you haven't tried one and you plan to, be prepared to RELAX veeerrrrrry deeeeeeeeeply....

We spent a day in Santa Fe, just an hour north of Albuquerque, shopping and enjoying very pink margaritas at the legendary Pink Adobe Dragon Room (natural cactus flower juice added the pink hue). It was a gorgeous day, perfect for strolling and enjoying the oddities of The City Different.

While we entertained at home most mornings and at least one evening, we did get to enjoy some great meals out at The Range Cafe, Nob Hill Bar & Grill, and Casa de Benevides.

Thanks Cathi Sue and Amy Jo for visiting, and for sharing your Southern charm!

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T&M said...

Sounds like a GREAT trip. I'm beginning to think we did something wrong. They get cranial sacral, and we get bush burning? I tell you what, you can make it up to us by taking us to the pink 'rita place when we drive through town to drop off "The Truck." :)