Saturday, August 11, 2007

Top 10 Reasons We'll Miss San Francisco

10. Major League Baseball (not necessarily the Giants, just the energy of living near AT&T park while Barry Bonds broke his record--although we'll always root for them!)

(Barry Bonds hitting his record-breaking #756 home run, SF Chronicle photo courtesy of Carlos Avila Gonzalez)

9. The coast

(one of our many hikes overlooking Mavericks, near Half Moon Bay)

8. Fresh seafood, especially oysters and sushi.

(Photos courtesy of Sarah J. Gim, and

7. Wine country

6. Excellent restaurants and fresh local meats, cheeses and produce within walking distance.

(SF Ferry Building photos courtesy of Sarah J. Gim,

5. Chinese New Year parades

(SF Chronicle photos courtesy of Christina Koci Hernandez )

4. Did we mention the food?

3. Andy's Orchard - Thanks to Lauren and Eric who turned us onto this place just a few weeks ago. Really, if you live in the Bay Area, you must make the drive to take a harvest tour. You'll never forget it...

2. San FranFreakshow (aka Freak Show Frisco)

(Raiders fan, SF Chronicle photo courtesty of Chris Stewart; "amish gone wild" at Bay to Breakers 2005; Gay Pride parade, SF Chronicle photo courtesy of Eric Luse)

1. And of course: our cherished Bay Area friends and family. We'll miss you all so much!

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