Saturday, July 28, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why We're Moving from CA to NM

10. Tired of tracking human feces from the neighborhood into our loft (a daily occurrence on the sidewalk in front of our place).

9. Cold foggy days of summer

8. Muni Delays

7. Earthquakes (well, they're not as bad as some may think...)

6. Heading to 300 days of sunshine a year

5. More elbow room - now we'll have some land!

4. Looking to build and influence community

3. Seeking reasonable traffic - if there is such a thing....

2. The mother of all porches woos us (and a hammock too)

And the number 1 reason why we're moving from the lovely Bay Area to the Land of Enchantment:

1. We can now purchase El Pinto green or red chile sauce in person rather than waiting to find it at a random, faraway grocery store!

1 comment:

Jennifer and Jonathan said...

Okay, the "human feces" thing is naaas-tay!! EW!!!

We Luceros are hoping to spend some quality time on your fabulous back porch sippin' some lemonade with you ... and staring in amazement at all your grass. :)

Mr. Lucero can't wait for college football season watching with Mr. Ashe.

I can't wait to hang out with me Bol again.

"We're Bol and When ... together we're friends."