Monday, July 16, 2007

The Home Stretch

So much has to happen for us to close on this house, our very own house on 2 acres of land! And all the while, Val's dad just had a stroke, she had to leave for Boston on a business trip this week, and we won't be in Albuquerque together until late Thursday evening...just 4 days before we close. EEeeeeeeegaaaad!!! Nerve wrecking, to say the least.

The only thing that keeps us going through this week is that the home will be ours. It's the seed we will plant for bigger dreams not too far away. We're completely excited about this home and all its possibilities!

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Jennifer and Jonathan said...

Isn't preparing to move into a new house that is ALL YOURS exiciting?? I remember those days well ... the anticipation, the planning, the relief that it will soon be over. :)

Its a bit stressful, but sooo worth it in the end.

We love you!

When and Jonathan