Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009: A Rough Start

We're not accustomed to writing bad news on our blog, but these days it seems to be the prevailing news going 'round for us. Not only did we lose our buddy, Maximus, last Monday, but today my company Autodesk announced significant layoffs. My job is "secure", thank God, but I had to let someone go today, and like Clint Eastwood's Mr. Kowalski in Gran Torino says, "you don't want that on your soul."

I've lost some dear friends in this restructuring, friends who have shared with me political drama and angst and bizarre trips to places like Houston, Japan, Calgary, Plano, and Boston to do our work. We'll likely keep in touch to rehash old stories, but it's sad to have to move in different directions from here.

Needless to say, I'm draining a good bottle of Paso Robles Merlot right now, and hoping for the best on those 750 displaced Autodesk people who are swimming in the growing pool of U.S. unemployment. I'm also praying for our country and our global economy, that it rebounds from this dark, insidious corruption that is causing so many so much pain.

It's a tough day--a tough year--for the Ashes.


Jonathan, Jennifer, Christian and Bella Lucero said...

Oh, my ... that is A LOT of people. I'm sorry you had to deliver the bad news to one of your employees. That's hard.

We love you ... hang in there!

Tarzons said...

Val and Jon-
we are so sorry that 2009 is off to such a bad start for you. I have never had to lay someone off but I can imagine that it was excrutiating for you to do....especially your friends. We've been thinking of you guys and how you are doing with the loss of Maximus...
It can only get better from here. I know that our new President will help turn the economy around and help get some of your friends a job again:)
Miss you guys.
Love, Megan

Karen said...

I'm very sorry. This crisis is making its rounds around the world.

Just thought you and your colleagues might like to know, the Baldwin Library at the American Center in Yangon, Myanmar, has a suggestion box. Every day, Burmese readers suggest books they want the library to order, and the library staff posts their suggestions on a board. One recent reader requested any and all books on AutoCAD.