Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scientists Recreate Hidden Van Gogh Portrait

This article brought out the huge nerd in me (as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would say):

It' so...Da Vinci Code, ya know?

Vincent Van Gogh is also cited as a leader in the expressionist movement (which wasn't really a movement at all), very influential on my buddy Max and his German counterparts.

Poor Van Gogh didn't see a dime or a good review while he was alive, but now it's a race to find old paintings he painted over because he couldn't afford new canvases. Isn't that just the breaks?!?

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Jennifer said...

The irony here is that Van Gogh had talent but not the means to show all of his talent. Now we, with our high standard of living, have "YouTube" to show our lack of talent. However, the "Charlie bit me" video has some artistic qualities. And it's dang funny!

Mr. JLu