Friday, July 11, 2008

Rainwater Harvesting

Introducing our latest addition: a 1600-gallon rainwater catchment tank, which so far is holding about 350 gallons of water from rain that's rolled off the roof of our home the past two weeks. All this without routing from a gutter system yet--just direct drip into the tank and us filling buckets strategically around the house, then dumping them into the tank! Jon will install gutters shortly, and we're already using the water to drench our vegetable and flower gardens and new trees. Just from the roof of our house alone (not including the roof on our detached garage/barn/workroom and the roof on the small guest house and nearby lean-to), we can easily fill the tank within the next two months of monsoon rain!

The tank will eventually reside behind the guest house, and we'll hook it up to a drip irrigation system for the trees. Jon is writing an article on all this for his next installment on Matter Network, so I can't give away too much about our watering plans at this point...Stay tuned!

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