Sunday, December 16, 2007

Window Cover Ceremony!

Ahhhhhh, we're finally able to rip off the butcher paper from our windows and replace it with curtains and shades. Freedom at last!

We installed blackout panels behind our curtains in the bedroom to save energy, and our shades are slightly opaque to also save energy too. The butcher paper was a fine stopgap to provide privacy until we could choose the right shades, but it's sooooo nice to be legit now! It's starting to look and feel like a home....

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Jennifer and Jonathan said...

Wow, look at how tidy your office is! I have "tidy office" envy now! I can't keep mine tidy to save my life (much to Jonathan's dismay!).

Congrats on the window coverings! Makes ya kind of feel all grown up, huh? (or at least it did for us!).

We love you!