Sunday, December 23, 2007

Greetings from over 10,000 feet!

Happy new year everyone! If you received a Christmas card from us this year, here's a glimpse of where we decided to write them--from 10,000 feet! (And if you didn't receive one, we sincerely apologize--it's likely we don't have your mailing address...).

On December 17th, we ascended the longest tramway in the world to Sandia Peak. It was a gorgeous day, cold and crisp, with lots of snow at the top of the peak--perfect weather for a hot totty in the High Finance bar at the top of the peak while inscribing holiday greetings to friends and family. Great idea Jon!

The photo to the left is looking down on our shadow in the canyon--our tram is the large dot just below and right of center.

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