Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Want & Need

Everyone should try living without their belongings for a week. It really puts things into razor sharp perspective. You find out how well you can actually survive without all that "stuff", and how important it is to sometimes depend on others. You also discover the true difference between "want" and "need".

We found out this weekend that our furniture may take another 2-3 weeks to arrive. What did they do, drive to Siberia first?!?! The airbed is killing our backs and our sleep cycles--we dread to think of 14+ more nights on that torture device. Time for a call into the Better Business Bureau....

Having no fridge is also a challenge. We've had to buy ice every night. Frequenting the local Albertson's in Los Lunas, NM, isn't really our idea of a good time, but it's necessary. So far, we've managed to make a couple modest salads for dinner; we've eaten microwaved potatoes with olive oil and garlic salt (not bad, actually); and we eat fruit and energy bars for breakfast in the mornings.

We shipped a box of random kitchen goods to arrive last weekend so we'd have some basics, but most things were broken. Our tea kettle was pretty much intact, so black tea and Jon's favorite--Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder--serve as our caffeine. What I wouldn't do for a walk around the corner to my old neighborhood coffeehouse to have an Americano or hot, silky soy chai latte! What a city wimp....

After researching, shopping, hemming and hawing for several weeks--only to find when we arrived that our measurements were WAY off--we finally settled on a floor model built-in fridge that we have to customize to fit into our kitchen (that photo's not our kitchen). The fridge isn't exactly what we had planned financially, but aesthetically and functionally, it's a "beauty".

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