Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lions, and Tigers, and Toads! Oh My!

Our first night in the new house, in the country. I don't think we heard as many sounds living in the heart of a big city as we heard last night. To make it even creepier, we don't have any window coverings so we felt totally exposed, like camping under the stars--no tent.

It was outrageously cool, but also pretty scary for a couple of city folk. It's always weird to spend your first night in a new house (especially with no furniture--arriving in a few more days. Ugh.), but moving from 2nd story city loft in San Francisco to ground floor ranch-style home in New Mexico with no shades on your sliding glass door in your bedroom is downright creepy. Period! Even the cats were skittish--and rightfully so. They were visited through the glass by a feral cat and had an intense growling session with it, which was such a treat for me and Jon at 3am in the morning. What the #%!$*@!???

So far we've heard geese honking, goats and horses braying, so many dogs barking (people love their dogs out here), perhaps a teradactyl or two, crickets and frogs. We found this GYNORMOUS one on our pathway last night. Jon was beside himself. I immediately ran in to get the camera. This is good stuff!

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