Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life is Good

In the midst of continually depressing recession news (wait--are we recovering, or not?), perhaps more pending layoffs at Autodesk this month, and whatever else you can watch on the 10 o'clock news--life is pretty good.

It's the small things that make life good these days: the weather has warmed up so that I'm able to post this blog from our back porch while watching the sun set on the majestic Cottonwood trees along our acequia, and inhaling the lovely smoke of Jon's BBQ chicken on the grill. Jon also prepared homemade pizzas for me and my folks last Friday (so yummy, and so gracious). And our cat Watson has been helping with home improvement projects: in this photo, the Fearless Feline is helping prep the dining room ceiling for fresh paint before we finish applying the last of the American Clay to our walls this summer. Finally, we enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day today, hearing that Jon's mom loved the chocolate-covered strawberries he sent her, and touring around Osuna Nursery with my mom before coming back to enjoy brunch on "the farm".

It's times like these with family and friends that we savor most these days, and we're looking forward to more good times this summer with family, local friends, friends visiting from far away, neighbors, and lots of local events and activities. Stay tuned to read more about our Summer of 2009 adventures!

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