Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gutter Mouth

Jon invoked alarming new swear words this week, all due to hanging gutters for the first time along our rooflines to capture the torrential rainwater we're expecting from New Mexico's annual monsoon season (usually July-Sept). This is a project we've been talking about since we first moved in more than 1-1/2 years ago, and I must say, he did a *stellar* job (see photo at left. Impressive, no?). It's not easy, and it's not cheap.

But it's worth every new swear word Jon has uttered.

The gutters will run along the rooflines of our home, our detached garage/workout room/tack room/barn (kind of a large structure), and the lean-to shed.

I don't have the exact calculations handy, but with even just one of these roof surfaces, one can catch a shitload of rainwater from even a very light sprinkle in the middle of a desert (Albuquerque only averages about 7 inches of rain a year). Forgive the swearing--it's contagious....

Anyway, the cubic feet of water we can collect from that small amount of rain will enable us to water our ever growing garden area all summer long and then some. If you don't believe us, well--we experienced it last year, albeit by collecting rain water from the roof in 5-gallon buckets and running them off to dump into our gargantuan water tank; however, if you need further proof: http://www.harvestingrainwater.com/.

Hey, we're not complete nut-jobs. Just practical. Viva el agua!

P.S. Credit goes to our friend Ethan for coining Jon's new moniker, "Gutter Mouth".

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Anonymous said...

Yes, brilliant Jon decided to tackle the hardest installment first. Not so much consciously “decided”, but rather greenhorned my way into the “Gutter Mouth Chronicles”. We have three immediate gutter projects to finish prior to monsoon season and I decided to hang the gutters that will be the least visible to everyone except our neighbor (sorry neighbor). A sort of permanent practice installment, if there is such a concept. Well, little Jonny—sizing this project one little section at a time—installed two 10 foot sections when all of a sudden...on the ladder and very loud, “******* idiot! You are ******* trying to ******* divert 50 ******* feet of ******* water in one ******* direction for your ******* first ******* installment...******* ever!?!?!?!” Again, sorry neighbor.

Val saved the day with effort and words of encouragement. But I sit and wonder what is going to happen during that first torrential gush. This is going to be an interesting rain season. Stay ****** tuned.

Mr. Green