Sunday, December 21, 2008

Traffic Cops

We have been wondering if anyone reads our blog. We must admit, we haven't invested the time we used to in updating it because, well, we've been busy! And frankly with the farm dormant for the winter, we haven't been busy doing anything very interesting the past couple months, so we decided to start tracking traffic to our blog with Google Analytics. The results are veeeerrrrrry interesting....

So far this month, we've had 14 unique visitors with 16 site visits (Repeat offenders! Stalkers...), from three countries: the U.S., France, and Thailand. And yes, we know who you are....but not by name or IP address or anything. Just guessing by where we know our friends and family are.

It's seems so invasive to track our blog traffic, but it is truly interesting, and we're quite surprised even to have 14 unique visitors. So, the blog must go on...regardless of whether we have anything interesting to say, it seems.

Thanks for continuing to check in with us!


Jonathan, Jennifer, Christian and Bella Lucero said...

We have a similiar service on our blog (you may have seen the world map with red dots all over it). I love seeing where in THE WORLD people are viewing our blog!

I have a post called, "The Pregnant Internet Addict" from way back when. And I have found we have hits on that page from all over the world. Sometimes from countries I've never even heard of! I think somebody found the page on a google search somehow and forwarded it along to a friend ... and its been going ever since. Seems each week some new foreign visitor happens on that specific post.

And really, its amazing that just when you think nobody is reading your blog ... you realized LOTS of people are reading your blog!

I read your blog every time you post something new! Honest I do!

Love you guys!


The Joffes said...

We read it, but maybe you already knew that, you stalkers, you! Thanks for the book. It's hilarious. I'm going to write my own memoir now. I think I can handle the length requirements! Merry Christmas, y'all. Here's to seeing you real soon in 2009 sometime. Love ya.

Redcoates said...

Thailand? That's not in Arizona...

Jaren said...

Yes! As one of your faithful readers in Thailand, I do say THE BLOG MUST GO ON! If for no other reason than your "Frosty the Snowman" totally cheered me up, as it was the first real Christmas music I've heard this season.